Sue Redmond

Sue Redmond, Rubberband Owner & Executive Producer


About producers.

 If you hire the right producer, you’ll make everyone happy. 

Happy creatives with their vision realized.

Happy clients with their goals in sight.

Happy AEs with on-budget, on-time delivery.


It takes tough negotiation, deft handling, deep knowledge.

It takes the ability to cajole an actor and charm the local police. 


And yes, sometimes it takes laughter.

And knowing where the most satisfying meal can be found at the end of a14-hour day.


Does your team want to be happy?

Add the right producer to the mix.


About me.


I am a conductor.

I am a hostage negotiator.

I am a merrymaker.


I am a drill sergeant.

I am a magician.

I am an accountant.


I am a juggler.

I am a therapist.

I am a travel maestro.  


I am a conjurer.

I am a producer.


For 20 years, I’ve produced content in every medium. I’ve made clients happy at all budget levels, in all categories. I have relationships with vendors across the country and the globe. And I understand all the intricacies of the business – from unions to permits to emerging technologies. When you hire me, there are no gaps in knowledge. And there is no shortage of energy. That’s the alchemy of happy.


About your project.


Call me. Send me your scripts, your boards, your ideas yearning to be great.

Be honest with me. Share your goals and challenges.

And I’ll help you find a way.

Every project deserves to be great. Every team deserves to be happy.


Philadelphia Phillies Baseball, Comcast, TD Bank, Beneficial Bank, NHL, NFL, CSN, GSK, AstraZeneca, Lonza, Pandora, Dicks Sporting Goods, American Public University, Crayola, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, Elsevier, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CHEP among others.